Our aftermarket cabs, enclosures, sunroof, sunshades and windshield are available for the following models of Kubota tractors. All cabs are compatible with backhoe and loader

_ Kubota B20tractor cab kubota GR series

_ Kubota B30 series

_ Kubota B50 series

_ Kubota BX (BX50, BX60, BX70)

_ Kubota GR2120, GR2020

_ Kubota MX series (MX4700, MX5100, MX4800, MX5200, MX5800)

_ Kubota RTV900

_ Kubota M40 (M5140, M6040, M7040; M8540; M9540)

_ Kubota M60 (M6060, M7060, M8560, M9960)

_ Kubota L series. L2800, L3400, L4400, L3700, L3200, L3800, L4600, L4701, L3301, L3801; L3901, L2501

_ Kubota F80 (F2880, F3080, F3680) and F90 (F2690, F2890, F3090, F3890)


ROPS approval by OECD and SAE 



cab for tractor kubota bx b30 L M
cab for Kubota L4400 and L3400

cab kubota bx
cab for Kubota BX

cab kubota b2620
cab for Kubota B2620 and B2320

cab kubota F3680 F3080
cab for Kubota F2880, F3080, F3680